Moving house

Reporting your move.

  • If you are moving to Eindhoven, or simply changing address within Eindhoven, report your move to us. This can be done from 4 weeks before the move and no later than 5 days after the move. 

    Verhuizen binnen of naar Eindhoven

  • Are you moving from Eindhoven to another Dutch municipality? There is no need to inform the Municipality of Eindhoven. Register with your new municipality within 4 weeks before, or no later than 5 days after, your move.

    Verhuizen naar een andere gemeente

  • Are you moving to Eindhoven from abroad, and will you be staying in The Netherlands for at least 4 of the coming 6 months? Register in person within 5 days of your arrival here. 

    Verhuizen vanuit het buitenland

  • Are you moving from Eindhoven abroad, and will you be spending at least 8 months a year abroad? Inform us of this within 5 days before your departure.

    Verhuizen naar het buitenland

Renting in Eindhoven

Still looking for a new home in Eindhoven? Check one of the housing corporations, or the joint website. Read all about Renting in Eindhoven.