How to...

  • Get a BSN

    Every Dutch person, and everyone living, studying or working in the Netherlands, must have a BSN. This stands for Burger Service Nummer, which means Citizen Service Number. As soon as you have been registered in the Key Register of Persons (BRP), you will be issued a BSN.

  • Get DigiD

    DigiD is a way of identifying yourself when arranging matters online. This might be with the government, educational institutions, healthcare organizations or your pension fund, for example.

  • Get in touch with the municipality

    The Inwonersplein (public office) is open on weekdays. You can make an appointment online, or by calling 14 040. You can also reach us through chat and email.

  • Find where to learn Dutch

    There are several places in Eindhoven where you can learn Dutch. If you have any questions about language, go to the DigiTaalPunt. This is a network of almost all the places in the city offering language lessons. They can help you choose the most suitable place for you to learn the language. Or you can visit one of their weekly meetings.

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